CESA Minutes- Bridge Hotel Penkridge

14th January 2019


Dave Hanlon-Chair

Bryan Thomas-Treasurer

Karen Conde- Secretary

Nick Broomhall- Chair Telford

Diane Watts- Kidsgrove

June Coupland- Kidsgrove

Pete Conde - Telford



Gerry Elgy- Chair Midland

Roger Crombleholme- Head coach

Steve McLaughlin- White Mountain

Standing Orders;-

Conflict of interest:- None declared

Safeguarding issues:- None reported


1. Matters arising and last minutes

Minutes of the last meeting 15th October v2018-approved

No change in the finance since the last meeting, balance is £4,960.05


2. Regional Plan

Dave went through the 2019 Development Plan and all clubs gave numbers for participants at their events.

Funding from SSE will be the core of £600 and then a set of criteria of a club change in membership

Membership as at renewal in Oct 2018 was as follows:

Midland 297

Stoke 68

North Staffs 1072

Telford 52

Special Olympics WM 60

AU Snowsports (Keale Uni) 112

Everyone to email event figures over to Dave so that he can populate 2019 Development Plan ready for submitting to SSE mid/end January. Bryan to assist Dave with an initial draft and Dave will then circulate to committee members for approval.

Regional Safeguarding Office – Karen Conde

Clubs to send out feedback forms to club members after events to see how we can improve them and increase participation. Also feedback from juniors on how they feel about their club and

snowsports generally. This has been requested by Bridgette as part of our safeguarding responsibility.

Telford have just appointed a new Safeguarding Officer (SGO), the old SGO gave a brief prior to handing over.

Kidgsgrove has a SGO who needs to do a Time to Listen course but not found one local yet. Jaren to assist.


3. SSE inspiring participation

Dave went through the principles of the new SSE vision and mission statements. Dave will circulate the document for comments as a lengthy document. Bryan has already looked at the document and will forward his comments to Dave.


4. National School Snowsports Week

This will run again from Monday 23rd June to 30th June, this is to tie in with end of year exams.

Dave to circulate


5. Draft Agreement for Schools Association

This relates to ESSKiA and NSSA who are now more closely working and constructively together.. ESSKiA now uses SSE’s membership registration for annual renewal by their schools.


6. Regional Activities since October 2018

Telford had 110 racers at their Schools Race on 16th November, they also held their fun race on 7th December.

Fun race at Telford 11th June with 40 racers, last fun race will be 15th March

Midland Winter League – the four races involved about 100 racers.

30 days of Snowsport – Kidsgrove did a taster day as part of this in October – 6 sessions with 3 or 4 coaches and approximately 200 participants.

Stoke fun race dates are:

9th March

6th April

11th May

1st June

29th June


7. Club Nationals Telford and Midland

Sponsorship possibilities to be followed up– Ski Racing Supply, Bartletts, Evolution, Decathlon, Alton Towers, Snowdome, Chill Factore etc

Evolution considering regional support in 2019 for CESA similar to that the ERSA receives.

Look at an overall prize for racers attending on both days

Meeting in March to look at planning in more detail and getting the invitation bulletin ready for publishing


8. Website

Some progress has been made by George on the existing website but ideally we need a much easier site to manage. George to assess and cost.


9. Freestyle Events to promote:

Looking at promoting freestyle on the same day as the fun races at Stoke on 11th May. Dave to liaise with Diane and June to move this forward.


10. AOB

Nick enquired about the database for all affiliated SSE club as this has not been rolled out as yet. Bryan to make enquiries.


Date of next meeting:-

25th March 2019

7.30pm Bridge Hotel/Inn, Penkridge